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Enjoy the Glory of a facial that was ceated just for you. Our product selection is wide in range and will be used to your personal advantage. Every choice made is to accomodate your skins need and desires. The esthetician performing your service will also educate you on their oberservations and make suggestions as you move forward with your skin journey.

exfoliation treatments

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells from the face or body. The two forms of exfoliation are physical and chemical. An example of physical exfoliation would be dermaplaning while an example of chemical exfoliation would be use of an enzyme derived from fruit acids. Although those are not the only two options, treatments like these were created to assist in the overall health of your skin. Progressive plans that include regular exfoliation should alleviate hyper-pigmentation, even out texture and ensure better product absorption.



Product consultations are to ensure your home care routine meets all of your skins needs. It is imperative that what you do at home not only matches, but prepares you for the intensity of your monthly facial with Glitter & Glory. Everyone has individual goals for their skin and in order to ensure progress, specific ingredients are necessary to meet the intended target.

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